Steel structure manufacturing

We have an engineering team specialized exclusively in structural construction, so we are ready to manufacture large, unique structures.

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Steel structure manufacturing

We look forward to your inquiries for complete steel constructions with short deadlines and years of expertise. An entire manufacturing hall with the appropriate equipment and team of experts and engineers is dedicated exclusively to steel construction, and we are able to manufacture large, individual structures.

In recent years we have specialized in the production of concrete moulds, we have successfully delivered moulds for prefab concrete retaining wall elements, and we were involved in the production of precast moulds for stadium developments.

We have manufactured steel structures of lean-to roofs, an entire hall structure, a metal storage framework, and a terrace support structure.

Due to our reliable supplier, all our raw materials are batch and quality certified, allowing us to deliver products that meet the required standards.

ISO 9001 and EN 1090-EXC2 certified

All of our welders have a qualified welder’s license and compliance with quality assurance regulations is monitored by our welding engineer.

Based on the submitted designs, our colleagues in production planning plan and prepare all the necessary work processes, procure the appropriate materials and components, and cooperate with our customers’ specialists so that we can deliver at high quality and speed.