Laser cutting

We undertake laser cutting of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium materials with short deadlines, for both small and large-scale orders.


Cutting steel sheets up to a thickness of 20-80 mm with short deadlines. Fast and precision solution for cutting board materials.


With our hydraulic CNC bending machines, we can provide unique and mass-produced products with a short deadline.

Machining, milling

With our reliable high-capacity machines, we look forward to your order in the following areas of machining.

We can produce almost anything made of metal.

Our main goal is to satisfy our partners and ensure long-term cooperation. Our partners can count on us in terms of pricing, speed, and quality.

We are happy to share over 30 years of expertise with our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a partner in metalworking.

30+ years of expertise

We are happy to share over three decades of expertise with our customers.

Speed and precision

Our partners can count on us in terms of pricing, speed, and quality.


Metal structure manufacturing

Our steel structure manufacturing department undertakes the production of frame and support structures, as well as formworks for pouring prefabricated concrete elements. Our formworks have been used for pouring prefab elements in all major investments in Hungary in recent years.

ISO 9001

Quality assurance and quality management

We work in accordance with ISO guidelines, which is a globally recognized quality assurance standard. The certification guarantees that quality and customer satisfaction are always in the focus for the company.

EN 1090

Steel and aluminium structure manufacturing

Manufacturers and distributors are subject to new legal requirements. We are currently working on meeting all relevant requirements, and by obtaining the certificate, we can offer our customers the highest quality service.

The region’s leading metal industry company.

Leave your metal works to us!

Professional metalworking


Our main goal is to satisfy our partners and ensure long-term cooperation.






Tons metal


Product monthly


Quality, expertise, speed

Our site underwent an extensive development in 2014, we added a new production hall of 1,500 m2. Today we are working in 8 halls on a total of more than 5,000 m2 factory floor.

Please send us your questions and orders by email. Send a message to and our colleagues will soon respond with the confirmation of your order. We only accept orders in writing.

Yes. In line with our company’s quality assurance system, certifications are available for any product we manufacture, and can be provided at any time, even after the purchase. You can submit your request via our website, we only need an order number / delivery note number.

In each case, this requires an individual agreement; a material certificate is required, which must be provided by the customer.

Please contact us, it may happen that the product you are looking for is not available on our website, but we can manufacture it for you. We try to fulfil all requests.


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If you have any specific questions, please contact us.

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