Our engineers are at your disposal already in the planning phase, so that we can manufacture your components and products in the best quality as soon as possible.

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We undertake orders for small and large quantities with short deadlines. Our engineers assist the customer as early as the design phase, so that we can manufacture their parts and products in the best quality as soon as possible.

Our customers operate mainly in the mechanical engineering and construction markets, but we also have partners with a stake in the manufacture of medical devices and in agriculture.

Experienced team

12 qualified locksmiths / welders work in our plant. The welding stations stand separately, each welder has their own welding table and welding machine. Employees are experienced in TIG, MIG and MAG procedures. Compliance with quality standards is guaranteed by our quality assurance procedures and controlled by our own welding engineer.


In addition to welding processes, we can assist our partners in a wide range of metalworking.

With the involvement of our subcontractors, we recommend the following surface treatments for our products: