ISO 9001

Quality assurance and quality management

We work in accordance with ISO guidelines, which is a globally recognized quality assurance standard. The certification guarantees that quality and customer satisfaction are always in the focus for the company.

The constant monitoring of all operational processes guarantees our customers the highest quality at all stages. All processes from planning through manufacturing to final inspection and delivery are based on a strict protocol. Our new ERP system, introduced in 2019, supports quality assurance.

The quality control of individual products takes place during the production process. Our employees have received special training to enable them to manage their own activities. The fact that this inspection was carried out is recorded in the production documentation. If necessary, the products are also subjected to special testing. Our colleagues are also prepared for visual and penetration tests, but other special tests are also possible with our subcontractor partners.

It is also possible to issue a certificate for these specialist examinations. In the case of series production, we also produce test pieces before the first delivery, which the customer can check for quality themselves. Using the released product prototype as the basis for testing, you can only receive a product of perfect quality with certainty.

EN 1090

Steel and aluminium structure manufacturing

We introduced EN 1090-EXC2 certification

With the European implementation of the EN 1090 standards, the requirements for the manufacturing and distribution of steel and aluminium (supporting) structures have fundamentally changed. Manufacturers and distributors are subject to new legal requirements. We are currently working on meeting all relevant requirements, and by obtaining the certificate, we can offer our customers the highest quality service.