Cutting, sawing

Vastag szénacél lemezek darabolása rövid határidővel 20-80 mm vastagságig. Gyors, precíz megoldás táblás anyagok darabolására.

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Cutting, sawing

During the metal and sheet metal processing processes, the stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel sheets / profiles are cut to size, and various holes and cut-outs can be made at the required positions.

The above tasks are performed with the help of flame cutters, punches, saws and sheet metal shears.

Flame cutting

Flame cutting is the perfect technology for cutting thick non-alloy structural steels. Flame cutting is a combustion cutting technology, which means that the material in the cutting gap is almost in full thickness burned and the resulting combustion product is blown out by a high velocity oxygen jet.

The most important prerequisite for good quality and professional flame cutting is proper preparation, setting the heating flame and cutting speed. It is important to pay attention to the direction and order of cutting and the settings according to the thickness of the plate to be cut.

Our staff has decades of experience at the disposal of our customers.

Machinable plate thicknesses: 15-80 mm


Punching is a forming technology that uses a punch press to press holes / shapes into a workpiece. The punching machine produces workpieces by a series of punches.

Shears for cutting plates

A simple, fast and inexpensive solution for cutting plates is the plate cutting shears. The maximum thickness that can be cut with our sheet metal cutting machine is 20 mm and the maximum length is 3000 mm.


With our high-performance sawing machines, it is possible to cut the profiles and fibers used mainly in the production of steel structures.

Maximum cut section size: 460×600 mm

For our automatic machine: 270 x 230 mm