Machining, milling

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Machining, milling

In the field of machining and milling, our company does not boast of high-tech CNC machines, we cannot and do not want to compete with our specialized competitors.

The world of traditional cutting was born before the intensive infiltration of computers into industrial technologies, in spite of that it is still an unavoidable industrial solution to this day. Working on conventional machines makes the plant flexible. With a short reaction time, you can switch, start another task, and have the opportunity to achieve serious results by leveraging the knowledge of our specialists.

In today’s world, the use of CNC-controlled machine tools seems more and more rational, and in all other cases, conventional machines can prove their worth, saving the honor of old times.

In all such cases, we are happy to be at the disposal of our customers.

Materials: carbon steel and stainless materials

Machining dimensions