Sheet bending

With our hydraulic CNC bending machines, we can provide unique and mass-produced products with a short deadline.

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CNC bending

With our hydraulic CNC press brake machines, we can manufacture individual and serial products within tight deadlines.

After laser cutting / cutting of different types of plates, we bend the workpiece to the desired shape with our CNC-controlled press brake machines. We are able to manufacture complex 3D parts in a time- and cost-efficient way. This is a more efficient solution compared to other technologies such as pressing or milling, especially for smaller quantities.

Thanks to our AMADA CNC press brake machines and our experts, we can solve even the most complex bending tasks. Bending technology enables precise sheet metal processing, thus the manufactured parts can be easily fitted in more complex welded structures with high accuracy. Our bending machines are designed for continuous operation even with a high load capacity, so manufacturing is more cost-effective due to the high degree of productivity. The tooling time of the machines is optimal, thus maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Technical data

We offer our service to our B2B partners, we are currently unable to accept retail orders.